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Blizzard Bags Day 2


Kindergarten Blizzard Bags are done on paper.  The papers were sent home in early November.  If you are unable to locate them and need to print new ones or read them they are available at the link below.

Kindergarten Files

Grade 1

Grade 1 does their Blizzard Bags on paper.  Packets were sent home in November.  If you need to access any of the documents click on the link below.
First Grade Documents

Grade 2


Raz Kids:
1.Click on the link below.
2. Click on the Green Kids Login button (top right side)  Log into your account
3. Find your name or symbol, click on it
4. Click on the Book Room icon
5. Choose a book, read or listen to the book and take the quiz

Raz- Kids

Your teacher will be able to log in and see the work you have done in Raz Kids today.


Log Into Zearn with the link below.

Complete the 4 sections of the lesson: Number gym, Sprint, Learning Lab, Tower of Power

Zearn Login

Your teacher will be able to log in and see the work that you completed.


Watch the Rights and Responsibilities video on Brainpop.  After the video take the quiz.   Remember your score!   Click on the button below to record your score.   (If you have trouble viewing the video– try a different browser.   Chrome and Firefox work best)

Rights and Responsibilities VideoRecord Your Score


Watch the video and answer the questions.   Pay attention to the volume of the music and instruments as you are listening.

Music Video
Music Questions

Grade 3


Watch Clark The Shark.  After watching the book answer the questions.

Clark The Shark   Reading Questions


Log into Zearn:
Please complete a full lesson. That includes Number gym, Sprint, Learning Lab, Tower of Power
Zearn Login

Your teacher will be able to log in and see the work you have completed.


Log into Brain Pop Jr.  You will watch the video about Magnets and take the quiz.  Remember your score!  To get to the Magnets video, click the Brainpop button –> Click on Science –> Click Forces –>  Click Magnets.

Brain Pop Jr.  Magnets Score


Look at the Dewey Decimal Review sheet to remind yourself how books in the library are organized.  Then click on the questions.Dewey Decimal Review  Library Questions

Grade 4

Before you begin– Make sure that you are signed into your google account.
Sign Into Google


Listen to the story Brave Irene from the link below or read from your own book independently for 20 minutes.   Use the button below to submit a reading response letter.

Brave Irene   Reading Response


Click on the link below to complete the math assignment.   You will want some scrap paper handy to solve problems!
Math Assignment

Science/Social Studies:

Click on the link for Study Jams- Science below. Click on the Arrows until you find The Human Body.  Once you have selected Human Body, watch any slide show from this topic. Take the quiz after the video. Remember your score.  Click on the button below to submit your score.

Study Jams- Science    Science Response



STEAM Questions