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Blizzard Bags Day 1

Grade 2

Read and listen to a story on Raz- Kids.  Take a quiz for the story you read.  On the Raz- Kids website remember to click the Green Kids Login Button to login.
Raz- Kids
Go to the IXL website for Grade 2.   Log in and work on any second grade skill for 20 minutes.
IXL- Grade 2
Watch the weather video on Brainpop. (Login Info is below).   After the video take the quiz.   Remember your score!   Click on the button below to record your score.
Username: phs1
Password: bpop
Brainpop- Weather     Record your score
Physical Education:

Grade 3

Watch Harry The Dirty Dog.  After watching the book submit a reading response.
Harry The Dirty Dog     Reading Response

Login to Xtra Math and do 1 lesson.   Then login to IXL and practice any Grade 3 skill for 15 minutes.

Xtra Math IXL
Social Studies:

Log into Brain Pop Jr.  Login: phs1 Password: bpop.  Click on Social Studies. Click on Native Americans. Click on Lewis and Clark Expedition.   Watch the video and take the quiz.  Remember your score.  Use the link to record your Brain Pop quiz score.

Brain Pop Jr. Record your Brain Pop Quiz Score
Click on the button below to read/watch a presentation about the color wheel.  Be patient, it may take a moment to load.  Use the arrows to go through the whole presentation.   Then Click on the button to answer questions about the color wheel!
Color Wheel Prezi Color Wheel Questions

Grade 4

Listen to the story The Coal Thief from the link below or read from your own book independently for 20 minutes.   Use the button below to submit a reading response letter.
The Coal Thief Reading Response


You will have a choice of IXL or Math Squares.   Click on the Math Assignment button below to make a choice and complete your work!
Math Assignment
Science/Social Studies: