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Blizzard Bags Day 3

Grade 2

Read and listen to a story on Raz- Kids.  Take a quiz for the story you read.  On the Raz- Kids website remember to click the Green Kids Login Button to login.   Check your login paper for login information.
Raz- Kids


Go to the IXL website for Grade 2.   Log in and work on any second grade skill for 20 minutes.  Your teacher will run a report so make sure you are practicing math skills for 20 minutes.
IXL Pembroke Login Page 


Watch the Brain Pop Video on Pushes and Pulls — Remember you will need the log in information for Brain Pop.   Then Answer the questions.   Remember your score so you can send it to your teacher using the buttons below.

Pushes and Pulls Video  Push and Pull Questions  Record Your Score


Art Questions




Grade 3

Watch Please Please the Bees.  After watching the book submit a reading response.
Please Please the Bees  Reading Questions

Login to Xtra Math and do 1 lesson.   Then login to IXL and practice any Grade 3 skill for 15 minutes. Remember- your teacher will run a report of the time spent practicing, so please make sure you are practicing math for 15 minutes.

Xtra Math  IXL Pembroke Login


Log into Brain Pop Jr.   You will watch the video about Native Americans and take the quiz.  Remember your score!  To get to the Native American video, click the Brainpop button –> Click on Social Studies-> Click Native Americans –>  Click Iroquios.

Brain Pop Jr.  Record your score


Look at the picture of the music notes on the staff.   Notice the names of the notes.   Use the picture to help you name the notes on the Music Questions.

Music Notes Music Questions




Grade 4

Listen to the story I Need My Monster from the link below or read from your own book independently for 20 minutes.   Use the button below to submit a reading response letter.

I Need My Monster Reading Response


You will have a choice of IXL or Math Squares.   Click on the Math Assignment button below to make a choice and complete your work!
Math Assignment
Social Studies:
Click on the link below to bring you to a Brain Pop video about Longitude and Latitude.   After the video take the quiz.   Remember your score.   Then, click on the button to report your score on the Brainpop Quiz.

Longitude and Latitude Brainpop Social Studies Response



Take a look through your home.  Look for items that are similar but different.  For example, you or someone at home might collect something like snow globes, pokemon cards, dolls, matchbox cars etc. Or you can find items in your house that you have several of like drinking containers, blankets, coins, etc.

Take a look at the collection.  Find some way of sorting the items such as by size, color, material, shape, etc.

Decide how you will sort the items.  Write down the number of items you have in each group.  For example, if you are sorting drinking containers you might find you have 26 glasses, 17 mugs and 15 plastic cups.

Now create a bar, picture or pie graph to share your information.  You can do this on paper and bring it to me the next day. OR you can make it at the following website

Graph Website
VIP Response