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Blizzard Bags Day 5

Grade 2

Read and listen to a story on Raz- Kids.  Take a quiz for the story you read.  On the Raz- Kids website remember to click the Green Kids Login Button to login.
The RazKids username for     Butler and Batts: PHS03275 (yes, it has to be all uppercase)
                                               Jacques and Songen:  3phs03275
                                               Constantine:  2phs03275

Raz- Kids

Go to the IXL website for Grade 2.   Log in and work on any second grade skill for 20 minutes.

IXL- Grade 2

Watch the Food Groups video on Brainpop. (Login Info is below).   After the video take the quiz.   Remember your score!   Click on the button below to record your score.
Username: phs1
Password: bpop

Brain Pop- Food Groups Food Group Quiz  Record Your Score


Watch this video on fiction and non fiction and answer the questions.  Fiction and Non Fiction Video  Library Questions


Grade 3

Watch I Need My Monster.  After watching the book submit a reading response.
I Need My Monster Reading Response

Login to Xtra Math and do 1 lesson.   Then login to IXL and practice any Grade 3 skill for 15 minutes.

Xtra Math IXL


Watch Video about Chief Joseph on Brain Pop.  Login to Brainpop. Click Social Studies, Click Native Americans Click Chief Joseph.   Watch the video and take the quiz.   Remember your score so you can share your score on the form.
 Log-In Username: phs1 Password: bpop

Brain Pop  Submit your score Here

We have been practicing naming the notes on the staff.   Click on the Music Notes Image below to review the names of the notes.   Then Click on the Music Questions Form to practice this skill.

Music Notes  Music Questions


Grade 4

Remember to make sure you have signed into your Google Account before you begin your Blizzard Bag work!   Google Sign In

Listen to the story  Catching The Moon from the link below or read from your own book independently for 20 minutes.   Use the button below to submit a reading response letter.

Catching the Moon  Reading Response Form


You will have a choice of IXL or Math Squares.   Click on the Math Assignment button below to make a choice and complete your work!

Math Assignment

Click on the Study Jams link below.  Use the arrows to find the Solar System section.   Choose two of the topics below the Solar System section.   Watch the videos and take the quiz.  Remember your score!
Study Jams- Science Record your scores

For your 4th grade project you will need a Bibliography which is sometimes called a Citation.   Watch this video about citations and answer the questions:

Citation Video  Library Questions