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Blizzard Bags 2017-2018



Check Back in the fall for new Blizzard Bag information!

In the event of school being canceled, the Pembroke School District may choose to call a ‘Blizzard Bag Day’.   This means students will have assignments to complete at home during the day off.   If 80% of the students in the district complete their Blizzard Bag assignments, the school day will count and will not have to be made up in June.

You will know that it is (or is not) a Blizzard Bag day when you receive the call that school is cancelled.   The message will clearly state that the day is or is not a Blizzard Bag day.  That information can also be found on our Facebook page.

When we have a Blizzard Bag day, please complete the assignments on the Blizzard Bag Day page that we are on.  (Blizzard Bag Day 1, then Blizzard Bag Day 2, etc,.,)

A survey will be sent home prior to our first Blizzard Bag to confirm that your student will have access to a computer/chromebook or tablet and the internet to be used during Blizzard Bags.   If mass power outages are expected it will likely not be called a Blizzard Bag Day.   If your student does not have access to the internet, Blizzard Bags will be sent home in a different form.

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