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Mrs. Batts

Hello!  My name is Lori Batts.  I am proud to say that I have been teaching in the Pembroke School District for 12+ years.  Before teaching in Pembroke, I was trained and hired as a Reading Recovery Teacher in Concord.    I worked part-time, when my children were young, as the Director/Head Teacher for a Cooperative Preschool.  When I had my third child, I was hired as the preschool outreach teacher for Pembroke.  Every opportunity provided me with new knowledge and reinforced my love for teaching.  I began working full-time as a kindergarten teacher at Pembroke Village School.  My passion for teaching reading brought me to second grade!  I have been teaching second grade for 9 years.  Each year brings on new challenges and experiences.  I love teaching because I am constantly learning!!!

Before I was hired as a full-time teacher, I was actively involved in the community as a parent.  I have three children; Kasie, Nicholas, and Tyler.  Kasie and Nicholas  attended school in Pembroke before heading to college.  Kasie has graduated, from college, and Nicholas is a Sophomore.  My youngest, Tyler, is currently a student at Pembroke Academy.  Although  I may be biased, I am truly sincere when I say that they have had a wonderful education.

When I am not at school, I love to kayak, read (and read some more), garden, take pictures, and spend time at the beach or lake.  I am happiest when my family is all together.  They make me laugh, smile, and cry!  

When I was a little girl I knew that when I grew up, I wanted to be “a mom or teacher!”.  My favorite part of my job happens every day when my students walk into the classroom.  As they walk through the door with smiles on their faces, stories to tell me, and positive attitudes, I know they are happy to be there. Imagine being greeted at work by people who were excited to be there, ready to take on new challenges and eager to learn.  I am lucky to be able start my day  like that each and every day.  My goal each year is for my students to be active learners and listeners.  I want them to take ownership for their own learning and know how smart and unique they are.  I strive to promote a sense of community within the classroom and school.  Being kind, showing empathy, and respecting one another is as equally important as learning math skills!  When a child is enthusiastic and excited to learn, I know that I have done something right.   

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