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2018-2019 Bus Information

2018-2019 Bus Routes

The school district provides busing each morning and each afternoon. Buses are contracted by Dail Transportation. Bus drivers request that kindergartners and first graders sit near the front of the bus. Linda Beaudoin  is our bus coordinator.  Her office is located at Dail Transportation- 736-9682.

If you live outside the walking limits to school, you are granted the privilege of riding a school bus to and from school.  Bus pick-up points are established as needed.  Students must use their assigned bus stop.  The School Board’s responsibility for each child begins when the child sets foot on the school bus.  The responsibility ceases at the end of the school day when the school bus departs the bus stop after dropping students off.

If you need to make any changes to your child’s after school routine, the office needs it in writing BEFORE 1:00pm the day of the change. You can do this via fax or e-mail. After 1:00pm, the request will not be honored unless it is an emergency.


Bus Rules

  1. Always sit on your bottom, facing forward when the bus is moving. Not up on your knees, not turned around. Keep feet and belongings out of the aisle. Never switch seats, stay in assigned seat. Stay seated until the bus stops. This keeps everyone safe.
  2. Talk quietly. Talk quiet ly with the people sitting next to you, and the people sitting across the aisle from you, but not the people nine seats up from you. We don’t want to distract the drivers. This helps our drivers to drive safely.
  3. Nothing out the window. No hands, no papers, no ponytails. No gesturing out the window. No getting trucks to honk, no signs or waving to other drivers. This helps other drivers to stay focused and drive safely.
  4. Please remember, when you are out in the community, you are representing our school. People will remember how you behave. Politely follow all adult instructions from teachers, parents, chaperones, bus drivers, and docents.


No Eating, No Drinking, No Swearing, No Cell Phones, No Electronics, No Disrespect. Balls must be kept in a bag. Tell the driver about any problems. Follow all driver directions the first time.

Integrity …  means doing the right thing, even when no one is looking…

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