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Mrs. Gordon

Hello! I am Cristle Gordon, the School Counselor at Pembroke Hill School.  I completed my bachelor of science degree in Human Development and Family Studies at University of Connecticut and continued on to receive my master of education in counseling at University of New Hampshire.  I started working at Pembroke Hill and Village School in the Student Support Center in 2006 as a paraprofessional.  The following year I became the School Counselor for Hill and Village Schools.  A few years ago, I was asked to stay at Pemad the pleasure of getting to know the different families that are in the community and working with the amazing staff at Hill and Village Schools.  I love working with the elementary age students!  I really enjoy going into classrooms and having great discussions with the students about how to be a respectful leader at our school and in the community through videos, stories, role-playing and music.  I am always so impressed with how thoughtful they are when we are discussing social topics and they can always connect it to a real life story.  I also enjoy playing kickball, variations of tag, and four square outside.  When I am home, I like to go to the park with my family, take walks around our neighborhood as well as fishing and swimming in Lake Winnipesaukee.