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Grade 2

The Pembroke Hill School second grade team consists of dedicated educational professionals, who routinely collaborate and communicate with an interdisciplinary team, to provide a learning environment suited to the diverse academic, social, behavioral, and emotional needs of elementary students In Pembroke.  We pride ourselves by providing authentic learning opportunities and experiences.  In order to meet the needs of a wide range of learners, second grade teachers frequently participate in professional development opportunities to deliver and implement effective research driven instructional models and programs.  Hill School educators observe, evaluate, and measure student progress through various assessments so we can provide the most focused instruction for each individual student.  Additionally, the second grade team provides a supportive learning environment while maintaining high academic and social learning expectations.  We are delighted and always excited to have the opportunity to help guide and nurture your child’s educational experience to be a lifelong learner.  Welcome to Second Grade!!!

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Mrs Batts' Class Specials

Red- Music
Orange- Art
Yellow- Library
Green-  Integration Lab
Blue- Physical Education

Mrs Butler's Class Specials

Red-  Physical Education
Yellow- Art
Green- Library
Blue- Integration Lab

Ms Constantine's Class Specials

Red- Integration Lab
Orange- Physical Education
Yellow- Music
Green- Art
Blue- Library

Mrs. Jacques' Class Specials

Red- Library
Orange- Integration Lab
Yellow- Physical Education
Blue- Art

Mrs. Songen's Class Specials

Red- Art
Orange- Library
Yellow- Integration Lab
Green- Physical Education
Blue- Music