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Unified Arts Waterfall Schedule

This fall we are excited to be introducing a new schedule for Unified Arts classes! This new schedule has been developed in efforts to provide our students with a more balanced curriculum for their PE, Art, Music, and Library/Technology classes. For years, students have attended significantly fewer classes for the specials they were assigned to on Mondays or Fridays, due in large part to many holidays and workshop days falling on these days of the week. Our new schedule will feature a “Rainbow Rotation” where each day of the week at Hill will be assigned a color and we will rotate on a 5 day schedule. Our first day of school will begin with red day, followed by orange, yellow, green, and blue days. Your child’s class will be assigned a unified arts class for each color, and will attend that special on that day. Please see below our projected schedule for the first weeks of school. As teachers, we are looking forward to the opportunity to provide our students with a more consistent and enriching Unified Arts experience!

Week 1:
August 30th, Red Day
August 31st, Orange Day
September 1st, Yellow Day

Week 2:
September 5th, Green Day
September 6th, Blue Day
September 7th, Red Day
September 8th, Orange Day

Week 3:
September 11th, Yellow Day
September 12th, Green Day
September 13th, Blue Day
September 14th, Red Day
September 15th, Orange Day