Holiday Concert Note from Ms. LaRose

I am very excited to present to you the 2021 Pembroke Hill School Winter Concert. The students have worked hard since October to prepare this performance and I am so proud of the work that they have done. I hope that you will see how much fun the students had performing these songs for you despite masks covering their smiles.

Throughout this concert, you will see students singing, playing instruments, and performing movement to music. Sometimes the movement looks like dancing that you are familiar with. Other times, they will perform movements that reflect the beat, rhythm, and form or organization of the music. Music class is more than just singing songs and playing instruments; students are also exposed to new ways of expressively moving to music and feeling the beat with their bodies.

This school year we reinstated the band program at Hill and as you will see, we had a lot of interested students. These band students have been working hard since the end of September to learn how to read notes and rhythms, assemble and hold their instruments, make a typical sound, articulate, and perform with others. I am pleased with their progress so far and looking forward to continuing to help them grow

Finally, attached is the program for the concert. The order of performances in the video is as it would have been for our live concert, so kindergarten will go first and then continues chronologically by grade, with the exception of band between second and third grade. There are also program notes included, as I know some of the songs will be unfamiliar to you and you may wonder how they connect to the holidays.

Please enjoy our winter concert and have a happy and healthy holiday season.

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