Update from Superintendent 9/8/21

Notification from:Pembroke School District (SAU 53)

Good afternoon,

As promised in my email this morning, this is a more comprehensive update from the Pembroke School Board meeting last night.

As I shared with you this morning, the Board voted to require universal masking for all of our schools.

The information that I presented last night is attached to this email and will be uploaded to the websites in the COVID folder on the front page.  As you will note, data was provided for the county and town transmission levels, as well as the number of active cases in our schools (and AREA districts attending PA)

The Board chose to use the county level data to make their decision last evening.  The motion also included a request for the nurses to provide recommendations for relaxing mask use when Merrimack County moves from a substantial level of transmission to a moderate level of transmission.  These recommendations will be presented and discussed at the next meeting.

General Information:

One week prior to the board meeting the full board packet will be posted on the website with the agenda.  The Board page can be found at SAU53.org under boards.

On the board page there is a folder for COVID-19 news and updates.  The One Call Now email messages will be placed in this folder along with the updated COVID-19 information from each board meeting

This year the number of active cases in our schools can be found on the SAU53.org main page.  We will send letters home to families if their child has been identified as a close contact to someone with COVID-19.

You will continue to receive school specific information directly from your principals and I will send important updates/decisions from the school board as needed.

Thank you for your continued patience and support as we all do our best to keep our schools safe.

Be well,

Patty Sherman