Hill Renovation History

In Spring 2018, a Space Needs sub-committee was formed by the School Board with the initial goal of exploring the options of retaining and repairing the Village School, or merging the Village School with Pembroke Hill School. As part of this undertaking, the Space Needs sub-committee examined all Pembroke School District school buildings and spoke with leadership teams within the buildings. The sub-committee presented its final report and recommendation to the School Board on May 22, 2018. The recommendation to consolidate the Village School into the Hill School was made to the Board with the understanding that Hill School would need a renovation and expansion.  Late in 2018 and into the early part of 2019, a second sub-committee was charged with exploring options regarding the future use of the Village School property which ultimately lead to the property being sold in September 2019.

The Hill School Renovation Recommendation Sub-Committee began their work in Fall of 2019 to evaluate the current Hill School following the merger and make recommendations of what would be needed for the Hill School to meet its current and future needs.  The Reno Sub Committee made their report to the school board in May 2021.   Following that report the school board put out a Request for Proposal for architect firms.   Lavallee|Brensinger Architect firm was selected to carry the project forward.

During the 23/23 school year committee's within the school & community begain meeting with Lavallee|Brensinger Architect firm to identify needs and pirorities and work towards a design and bond to put forward to the town. The most recent update can be found in the links on this page along with a link to all past meetings.